Wim Hof - The Ice Man

Wim Hof Headshot

Join world renowned fitness and extreme athlete, author and personality Wim Hof "The Ice Man"! He holds several Guinness World Book of records and can frequently be found in an ice bath, somewhere, around the world! To learn more about the "Iceman" click here.

His Wim Hof Method (WHM) of deep breathing exercises and ice bath challenge is designed to increase circulation, decrease chronic inflammation, and decrease chronic pain.

The WHM is part of the JWB-supported two-year, $1.2 million, gold standard study to determine how “positive stress” affects stress, depression and aging. The study is being conducted at the University of California, San Francisco by world-class scientist Dr. Elissa Epel. This helps the Foundation fulfill its mission of funding and promoting evidence-based research on how holistic treatments - such as exercise, nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices- benefit mental health.